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12.Next, Carve the second wave pattern:swirl wave.
   Divide the soap around the center into equal parts.
(mark short lines with a toothpick)
 The length of each part is about 1.2cm(1/2").

13.Deeply cut slits between each part.

14.Trim the right side of the part.
  And carve a shallow indent in the left.
    As below( pink area )

15.Holding the carving knife at a horizontal angle,
   cut a S shaped line.

16.Slightly cut off the soap under the S shaped cut.
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17.Cut a S shaped line again,

18.and tilt the carving knife,cut out a small inverted cone
 (Rotate the soap,you don't need to move the knife)


19.Make a round cut under the small round hole.

20.Slightly cut off the soap under the S shaped cut and
    the round cut.

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21.Repeat all the way around.


21.Flatten the soap under the wave pattern.
  The swirl wave pattern is done.
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22. Optional: The third wave pattern.
     Thinly slice off the side of the soap to create
     a shiny surface.

23.Draw a wavy outline as below.

24.Carve the wavy line along the outline.
   Then carve another wavy line.
 Your wave pattern soap is done!

How to carve the sailboat
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 Sea creatures I made before.
 How to carve the Dolphin.(Youtube video)

 How to carve the Penguin and the Harbor Seal.
   (Youtube video)


 This sea turtle is in this book.
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