Wave Patterns (Page 1 of 2)

How to carve three kinds of wave patterns in a soap.
These wave patterns are very delicate and wavy.
   Advanced carving project.
Here is how to carve the Sailboat out of soap.(Easy)

 Wave Patterns ( Page 2 )

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  What you will need
   5 oz(130g) soap is recommended.
      Use any color of soap you like.
 Carving knife
 Paring knife
 Sculpting tool
      (You can use a small spatula,spoon, or clip instead
        of the sculpting tool)
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 Instruction Video


1.Slice off the top of the soap to create a flat surface.
Draw an oval outline about 1.2(1/2") inside from
the edge of the soap as shown.
  (If your soap is rectangular, draw a rectangle with
   round corners)

2.Then holding your knife at a right angle to the soap,
 deeply cut the outline with a carving knife.

3.Cut off the soap inside.


4.Remove the soap in the middle,and flatten the soap
with a sculpting tool.
About substitutes for the sculpting tool


5.Divide the soap around the center into equal parts.
(mark short lines with a toothpick)
 The length of each part is about 0.8cm(3/8"). 

6.Carve a U shaped indent in each part.

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7.Holding the carving knife at a right angle to the soap,
  cut  the soap along the U shaped indents.

8.Then cut off the soap around the cut.

9.Repeat these steps.

10.Cut off the soap around the edge.
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11.Cut the center part into wave shapes as below with
    the tip of the carving knife.
  This part is fragile,so using a carving knife with a very
    thin blade is recommended.


☆The first wave pattern is done.

12.Next, carve the second wave pattern.
  (See the next page) 

 Wave Patterns ( Page 2 of 2)

 Blue knife : Carving knife with a very thin blade
 Yellow knife : Komkom carving knife.
 When you use the komkom carving knife to carve this
  wave pattern, use the tip of the knife.
     These are bento picks.(see the top of this page)

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