Tulip Bouquet Wall Hanging 


How to carve a lovely tulip bouquet in a soap.
This tulip soap is made with soap cutting and carving  
This soap can be used as a wall hanging decoration,
 and it will make a great gift !
Of course you can use them as soap,too.
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 What you will need
 :Round or rectangular soap either is fine.
Carving knife
Paring knife
Binder clip
 (Download the free template here)


Food coloring with water, paintbrush

This white soap is called "Cow brand soap Red box".
  Floral scented.    weight: 5 oz/125g bar,
  Dimensions :
  8.5 cm(3-1/2") x 6 cm(2-3/8") x 3 cm(1-1/4")


This round pink soap is a store-bought soap
    in Japan. it is called "Sakura sekken".
    Cherry blossom scented.  
  7cm(2-3/4") in diameter, 2.5 cm(1") in thickness
   weight: 100g bar
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Instruction Video


1.  Cut the soap into 2 cm(3/4") thick by cutting off
    the top and bottom of the soap.

2. Cut out the tulip template. Trace the template
   onto the soap a with  a toothpick as shown in
   the right picture.

3. Mark a horizontal line around the soap 6 mm(1/4")
   away from the bottom.
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4. Lightly cut along the outline in the top of the soap.
  Then cut off the excess soap around the outline.
  TIP : Cut off a little bit at a time.                          

5. Flip the soap over to the bottom,draw a line along
   the edge of the soap 6 mm(1/4") inside from the edge.
   Lightly cut along the line with a carving knife,then
   cut off the soap inside.


6.  Scoop out and flatten the inside of the bottom using
    a binder clip
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7. Cut out the soap to create a frame.



8. Holding the knife at a right angle cut the three tulip
   flowers, then cut off the soap around the flowers and
   cut off the soap where you will carve stems.



9. Carve three tulip flowers: Cut off the soap between
   the flowers,and trim the edges of flowers.
   Then carve tulip petals in the flowers.


10.  Cut out a W-shaped groove in the top of the flowers,
      and cut and scoop out the center of the tulip flowers.


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11. Draw the outlines of the three stems.
     Carve thin lines along the outline.          

12.  Cut out the soap between the stems.

13.Slowly cut a slit to create a leaf.

14.  Cut off the excess soap to shape the leaf.  

15. Repeat it to the other leaf.
     Carve a stripe pattern in the frame.

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16. Paint the tulips with food coloring and water.

17. I like light colors for soap. Let it dry.
           Paint again as needed.

18. Paint the stems.

 Tie a bow around the stems and add the hanging ribbon.
Optional: Decorate your soap with beads and rhinestones  
 using craft glue or use gem stickers.            

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