How to carve a simple tortoise/turtle out of soap.
Easy soap carving project.
Tortoise soaps make great gifts for your friends
   and family.
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  What You Will Need
Carving knife or exacto knife
Paring knife
 (Download the free template here)

These soaps are store-bought soap in Japan.
Dimensions : 8 cm(3-1/4") x 5 cm(2") x 2.5cm(1")
You can use any commercial bar soaps,
but choose soft bar soaps.
 How to choose a suitable soap


 Instruction Video

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How to carve

1.Thinly cut off the top and the bottom of the soap
  to create flat surfaces.

2.Cut out the turtle shape.
 Trace the turtle's shape onto the soap with a toothpick.

3.Lightly cut the traced outline.    
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4.Cut the turtle's shape out of the soap along the outline.    

 5.Draw horizontal lines in the middle of the legs and a tail.  

6.Cut off the unwanted soap of the legs and a tail
  as shown in the picture.


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7. Trim the top of the head.    


8.Trim the legs and remove the soap under the shell.


9.Do the same to the other side.

10.Trim the shell.

11.Carve the turtle shell pattern.

12.Trim the edge of the bottom.

13.Carve the bottom shell.

14.Carve two small holes for eyes.


    Tortoises and turtles are very popular with everyone.

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