How to carve a cute tiger out of soap.
Easy soap carving.
This soap tiger actually can be used as soap.

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What You Will Need
Soap (white or yellow soap is recommended)
Carving knife or exacto knife
Paring knife
Binder Clip
Cutting board
Tiger Template
(Download the free template here)

This white soap is a normal store-bought  soap in Japan.
Cow brand soap.  Floral scented.  
 weight: 5 oz/125g bar,
 size : 8.7 cm(3-1/2") x 5.8cm(2-3/8") x 3cm(1-1/4")


How to choose a suitable soap


Food coloring
Paint brush

(Optional )
Plastic eyes

   Instruction Video

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How to carve

1. Thinly cut off the top and bottom of the soap to create
   flat surfaces.

2.Place the tiger template onto the soap,and cut off
 the excess soap.
 (this small piece of soap will be used for making a tail.)

3. Trace the tiger's shape onto the soap with a toothpick
   as shown in the picture.

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4. Lightly cut along the outline with a carving knife
 (or exacto knife) ,then roughly cut the tiger's shape
out of the soap with a paring knife.
Cut off the excess soap with the carving knife.

5.Cut off the excess part of the ears as shown in the pictures.

6.Cut the muzzle and legs along the outlines.  
  Then cut off the soap around the muzzle and legs, and
   trim the edge of the body and the face.

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7.Scoop out the soap between the legs with a binder clip.

8.Trim the edges of the legs. Carve the nose and the mouth.
  Draw the eyes with a toothpick.


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9.Trim and shape the ears, and carve an indent in each ear.

10. Trim the edge of the back.

11.Using the small piece of soap (step 2), trim and shape it
  into a tiger's tail.
 And draw a small circle in the back.


12. Draw tiger patterns with the tip of the knife.  

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13. Paint the soap tiger with food coloring. Let the tiger dry

14. Paint the backs of ears in dark brown(or black).
  Then thinly cut off the ears to create white parts.

15.Carve a small circular hole in the back, then add
   a little water to the tip of the tail, and attach it to the hole.


16. (optional) carve a tiny dot in each eye to create a white
 part. Or use plastic eyes.  
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  Small tiger is carved out of yellow soap.

They looks like striped cats.

 2022 is the Year of the Tiger according to Japanese zodiac.
I made them as new year decorations!

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