How to carve a geometric star ball (spiky ball) out of soap.
This is a fun craft to do when you're bored!
Easy and relaxing.


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What You Will Need

 Tips for choosing soap for carving
Carving knife or craft knife
Paring knife
Cutting mat
This purple soap is a master-brand soap.
   Japanese brand.
        Diameter : 7cm(2-3/4 in)
        Thickness : 3.3 cm(1-1/4 in) ,weight : 95g

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Instruction Video

 How to carve a star ball

1.Cut the soap into a 2.5 cm(1") cube

2.Draw a vertical line and a horizontal line on all six sides
  with a pointed tool such as a knife point,toothpick or
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3. [Carve the first corner]
   First, make a diagonal cut at a corner.
   The cross section looks like a triangle.

4.Draw three lines that divides the corner into three equal
   parts as shown. Then cut the three lines with a carving

5.Cut each part off as shown.  



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6. Repeat step 3 to 5.
   [Carve the second corner ]


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7. Repeat these steps to carve the other corners.
   [Carve the third corner]


  [Carve the fourth corner]


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   [Carve the fifth corner]
   [Carve the sixth to the eighth corner]



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