How to carve a stunning teacandle holder in soap.
Easy flower pattern.
These candle holders are the perfect room decorations!


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 What you will need
 :Round or rectangular soap either is fine.
Carving knife or Exacto knife.
Paring knife
Binder clip
Tealight candle
Piece of aluminum foil

Craft Glue

These soaps are store-bought in Japan
   This pink soap is called "Ichigo Milk Flavor"
    Milk and strawberry scented.
     Weight: 3oz/80g bar  
     Diameter : 7cm(2-3/4")

  This white soap is called "Cow brand soap Red box".
  Floral scented.    weight: 5 oz/125g bar,
  Dimensions :
  8.5 cm(3-1/2") x 6 cm(2-3/8") x 3 cm(1-1/4")


 This green soap is a Master-brand round soap.
      Green apple scented. Weight : 95g
      Diameter : 7cm(2-3/4 in)
      Thickness : 3.3 cm(1-1/4 in) ,

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Instruction Video



1. Thinly cut off the top of the soap to create a flat surface.

2. Trace around the tealight candle with a toothpick.
  Then draw a bigger circle shown in blue.


3. Holding your knife at a right angle,cut along the bigger
   Then cut off the soap inside the circle.



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4. Flatten to the inside of the soap with a binder clip.


5. Divide the circle into 8 equal parts by drawing
   small 8 marks with a toothpick.


6. Then carve a curved line in each part to create a
   scalloped line .


7. Carve another scalloped line insde.
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8. Draw a small circle to carve a flower.
   Then deeply cut the circle

9. Cut off the soap around the circle to create a cylinder
  shape.Then trim the cylinder into a dome shape.


10. Divide the outer edge of the dome into 6 equal parts
    by drawing small 6 marks with a toothpick.

11. Carve a round petal in each part.

12. Carve 6 petals inside the outer petals.

13. Cut off the soap between flowers.
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14. Draw an outline of a leaf and carve a leaf between
     the flowers.

15. Carve 7 leaves in the same way.
     Then cut off around the bottom of the soap
      to remove unwanted soap.
      And make small holes in the scalloped line with a


16. Cut the a piece of aluminum foil into a circle.
     Line the inside of the soap with the aluminum foil.

17. Place a tealight candle in the soap candle holder.
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    Optional step : Decorate the soap with a beads or
  rhinestones. (glue or use gem stickers)

 A round soaps or a large rectangular soap is suitable for
 making this candle holder.

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