Secret Soap Carving

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1.  Horizontally cut the soap little by little with the
    paring knife.  
    (The bottom part is a little thicker than the top)   
2. First,use the bottom part of the soap.
   Draw a circle on the top of the soap as shown in
   the right picture with a toothpick.
   The circle is a little smaller than the circumference
   of the soap.    
   Divide the circle into eight equal parts.

3.  Then draw eight small circles in each part.
 Holding the carving knife at a right angle, deeply cut
 the small circle.

4.  Repeat it on the other seven small circles.

    Then thinly cut off the soap around the small circles.

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5.  Carve a row of five petals in the small circle.        

6.  Then carve second row of five petals inside.
   Repeat these steps on the other seven circles.

7. The eight rose bud is done.

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8. Thinly cut off the soap inside the row of rose buds,
   carve eight outer petals.  

9. Tilting the knife,cut off the soap between each rose
    bud.(outside of the rose buds)
    Thinly cut off the edge of the soap as shown in
    the right picture.    

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10. Deeply insert the knife to the soap,then slowly
     cut out the center of the soap.




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11. Put the center of the soap back for a bit,draw a small
     butterfly in the center.

12.  Then carve the butterfly in the center part.



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13. Smooth the soap inside the hole,then put the center
   of the soap back.

14. Fill in the gaps with the soap scraps.

15. The lower part is done.
     Next,make the top part of soap.       

16.Scoop out the soap inside with a spoon.  
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Decorate your soap with rhinestones or beads.  

Of course,you can make only the bottom part .

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