Secret Soap Carving  2of2

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1.  Horizontally cut the soap in half little by little with the
    paring knife.      
2. Use the bottom half of the soap.
   Draw a 3 cm(1-1/4") circle on the top of the soap with
   the toothpick. (as shown in the left picture)

   Then draw a smaller circle as shown in the right picture.

3.  Divide the circumference of the soap into eight equal
    parts, draw a scalloped circle as shown.  
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4.  Holding the carving knife at a right angle, deeply cut the
   Carve the center bud. Thinly cut off the soap inside
   the small circle.
   ( And lightly cut the scalloped circle.)  

5.  Carve five petals of the center bud.
    Shape the soap inside the petals into a dome shape.      

6.  Carve five petals insde the center bud.
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7.  Holding the carving at a right angle,to create the five
    outer petals,deeply cut the soap around the center bud
    as drawn in pink below.

8. Trim and shape the five parts into five curled petals
   as shown.  

9.  Carve six leaves as shown below.  

10.  Carve six smaller leaves as shown below.  
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11. Holding the carving knife at a right angle, deeply cut
      the soap as drawn in pink.  

12.  Insert the knife into the side of the soap, horizontally
     cut and pull up the soap to remove.

13.  Push the top egde of the soap a little with your fingers
      to close the horizontal cuts at the side.
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14.  Thinly cut off the top edge of the soap to smooth.  

15. Holding the carving knife at a right angle,cut along the
     scalloped circle as drawn in pink below.  

16.  Tilting the carving knife, cut the soap as drawn in pink
      below to remove the soap.

The lower part is done.
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17.  Make the top part of soap.
     Scoop out the soap inside with a spoon.    



Decorate your soap with rhinestones or beads.    
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