*Super Cute Christmas decoration!

*How to carve a Santa stocking out of white soap.

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<What You Will Need>
*White bar soap
*Carving knife
*Paring knife
*Food coloring or soap colorant
*Paint brush
*Aluminum wire (1mm diameter)
*Wire cutter and Pliers
*Strip of ribbon (for a bow)
*Strip of ribbon(for hanging)
*Beads and craft glue(optional)
*Paper template
(You can download the santa stocking template
from the link below for free)   

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In winter,if your soap is cool,warm it in the microwave
for about 10 seconds.

2.Print the santa stocking template,cut the santa stocking'sshapeout.
Trace the shape onto the soap.

3.Cut the santa stocking's shape out of soap using  paringknifeanda carving knife.

4. Horizontally cut the soap ,then remove the soap aroundthecutas shown.

5. Paint the santa stocking soap with food coloring orsoapcolorant.
If your coloring is too dark , dilute it with water.

6. Let it dry completely.

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<Carve a flower and vines>
7. First,carve a small hole.
(Refer to the template.)

8. Carve four pointed ovals around the small hole.

9.Additionally,carve four pointed ovals.

10.Cut eight pointed petals around the pointed

11. Slightly remove the soap between the petals.

12. Pointed eight petals are the first row of the flower.

13. Cut eight petals of the second row.

14. Second row.

15.Carve three small indnents around each petals.

16. The flower is done.

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17. Draw outlines of vines with a toothpick.
(Refer to the template)

18.Cut the vines.

19. Remove the soap along the cuts.

20. Make the ends into teardrop shapes.

21.Flower and vines are done.

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<Make a screw eye>l
22. Cut 1-3/4"(4 cm) piece of wire with a wire cutter.
Then coil the half of the wire ,and bend the rest of wire
as shown.

13.Screw it into the top of the santa stocking.

14. Tie a bow around the screw eye.

15. Thread the ribbon through the screw eye.
Optional:Attach the beads with glue.

Tip:If you use this soap for washing or bathing,don't use glue.
Embed the beads into the soap ,or don't decorate with beads

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