How to carve a miniature sailboat out of a bar soap.
Very easy to carve.

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  What You Will Need
  5 oz(130g) soap is recommended.
      Your soap should be about 3cm(1-1/2") in thickness.
      Use any color of soap you like.
 Carving knife
 Paring knife
 Sculpting tool
   (You can use a small spatula,spoon, or clip instead
        of the sculpting tool)
  Sailboat Template
 (Download the free template here)
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 Instruction Video

 How to carve a sailboat

1.Draw a horizontal line around the soap with a toothpick.
You'll need,
Soap for the boat : about 1.5cm(5/8") in thickness
Soap for the sails : about 1cm(3/8") in thickness

2.Cut your soap in half along the outline with a paring

3.Cut out the sailboat template.
Trace the boat shape to one half of the soap.  

4.Cut out the boat shape with the paring knife and
the carving knife.

5.Slightly trim the bottom of the boat. 

6. Carve two lines in the tip of the boat.

7.Carve a horizontal line in the upper side,then
  cut three horizontal lines.
 Repeat for the opposite side and the back side.

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8. Draw a square on the top of the boat with the toothpick.

9.Cut the square with the carving knife,then cut off
the soap inside.
Use the sculpting tool to remove the soap in the middle
 of the square.
About substitutes for the sculpting tool
    The boat is done.

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10.Using the other half of the soap,carve the sails.
  Trace the sails shape onto your soap. 

11.Cut out the sails with the paring kife and the carving

12.Draw a horizontal line in the middle of the side with
    a toothpick.   

13.Trim the right side and the left side of the soap
    to thin the edge as below.

    Thin the pink part(the right edge and the left edge)
  Don't thin the blue part.

     The bottom view of the soap.
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14. Carve the mast.

15.Cut off the soap between the large sail and the mast
     little by little.

16.Carve the mast in the other side along the cutout.

17.Optional: Cut some straight lines in the sail.

18. Make a small hole in the bottom of the soap.

19.Make a small hole in the top of the boat ,too.
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20. Cut a toothpick into 2cm(7/8") piece.
   Place it in the boat.   

21.Attach the sails to the boat.

22. Your sailboat soap is done!

Using the rest of the soap, I made swim rings.
 They are colored with food coloring.

I made the wave pattern soap for this sailboat,too.            
  Wave Patterns(page 1)

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