Relief Rose with Curled Petals  

         How to carve a rose with curled petals in a soap.
This step-by-step process is well thought out.
Ribbon and lace patterns are carved to decorate the rose.
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      【What You Will Need】

Soap (Any soap is ok)
  This purple 3 pack soap is a normal store-bought
  soap in Japan, called "Shokubutsu Umare no Yasasii
  Sekken (Mild soap made from plants)"
  Lavender scented. It is discontinued now.  
  weight: 3oz/80g,
  size : 7.6cm(3-1/8") x 5.5cm(2-1/4") x 2.5cm(1")
Carving knife

    Instruction Video

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1.Slice off the top of your soap to create a smooth surface,

 draw a 3cm(1-1/4") diameter circle with a toothpick,then

 carve a cylinder for the center of the rose.

2.Carve the center: carve three rows of the five petals.

   And form each petal of the outer row into a curled petal.

3. Carve five petals around the center. Form each petal

   into a curled petal.

4.Carve ribbon patterns and lace patterns around the rose.

5.Carve three leaves to both sides.

6. Smooth and flatten the blanks. 

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 This pink 3 pack soap is a normal store-bought soap
  in Japan,too. It is discontinued now)

 This blue soap is a master-brand soap in Japan.
 Details for this soap(my Etsy shop)

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