How To Make Powdered Soap 

              without a food processor or grater

How to make powdered soap from soap scraps
 without a food processor or a grater.
Easy and relaxing!
I made powdered soap art in a jar,too.
How to make a soap art jar
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 What You Will Need
 Paring knife
 Large Spoon
 Cutting mat
 Poly bag or Jar
Note:  Don't use aluminum jars and aluminum lids.
Because alkaline soap cause corrosion in aluminum parts.

 Soap scraps
    Cut a bar soap into flakes.

   Or use soap scraps from soap carving.
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 Instruction Video


1.I used leftover soap scraps from soap carving.

2. First, place the strainer on the bowl.

3.Put the soap scraps into the strainer.

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4.Gently shake the strainer to sift out the small powder
  from soap scraps.

5.Take the soap scraps out from the strainer and
   place it on the cutting mat.
   Then pick up large soap scraps by hand.
   Left: Small or thin scraps ,     Right : Large scraps

6.Chop the small or thin soap scraps into tiny pieces
  with a paring knife.
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7.Place the strainer on the bowl,then put the tiny soap
  pieces into the strainer.

8. Then chop the large soap scraps, too.

9.Put the tiny soap pieces (step 8) into the strainer,too.

10.Grind the soap pieces with a large spoon by moving
   your hand back and forth.
Note:  I recommend wearing a face mask not to inhale
          soap powder.

11.Continue grinding soap for a while,then larger soap
    pieces are left behind.

12. Take them out  from the strainer, and chop them again.

13.Put the tiny soap pieces into the strainer,grind them
    with a spoon again.  

14. Repeat these steps until the strainer is empty.

 Keep the soap powder in a poly bag or a jar etc.
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 Powdered soap is useful for cleaning and your easy laundry.

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