How to carve a fancy paisley pettern in soap.
  This tutorial includes various carving techniques
   such as the swirl pattern,the twisted shape,the cut
   and pull technique,etc.
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  What You Will Need
    :You can use any shape of soap.
        (round, rectangle or oval etc.)
     TIP:  How to choose soft soap
  This soap is a store-bought soap in Japan.
     about 7cm(2-3/4" ) in diameter.  weight : 80g
 Carving knife
 Paring knife
 (optional) Beads and Craft glue
 (Download the free template here)

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Instruction Video

 How to carve a Paisley

1.  Thinly cut off the top of the soap to create a flat
    Draw the outline of the paisley with a toothpick.
   ( Use the template as needed.)
     Cut out the paisley shape with a paring knife and
    a carving knife.

    Draw a bit smaller paisley shape and a small circle
   on the top of the soap.(shown in right picture)

2.Carve the flower pattern.
   Carve the small center bud along the outline.
   Mark six lines to divide the soap around the center
   into six equal parts.
  Carve a shallow indent in each part.
  (shown in right picture)

3. Carve six petals of the first layer.
   Then carve a pointed oval shape in each petal.

4. Carve six petals of the second layer.

   Carve six petals of the third layer.
   Each petal of the third layer is placed between
   the petals of the second layer.(shown in right picture)

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5. Cut out the inside of each petals of the third layer.
   First,holding the carving knife at a right angle,deeply
   cut the petal as shown in the left picture.

6. Next,insert the point of the knife under the petal,and
   horizontally cut.
   Then pull out the soap.(shown in right picture)

7. Repeat the process on the other petals.

8. Carve a long curved line,then carve the scalloped pattern
   along the curved line.

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9. Carve the twisted shape.
   First, carve a drop shaped indent with the point of the
   carving knife.

10. Carve the second indent.

11. Carve the third indent and cut along the right side of
     the third indent.


12. Cut along the left side of the three indents.

13.Cut off the soap around the twisted shape.

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14. Carve two swirl patterns.
     Cut a curved line and carve a small round indent
     as shown.

15. Cut around the round indent,then cut off the soap
     around the curved line and the round indent.
     Repeat the process on the other side.    


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16.Thinly cut off the soap around the swirls to creat a
    smooth surface,and level the top edge.

17.Cut the smaller paisley shape and remove the soap
    around it.

18.Carve the wavy scalloped pattern along the edge of
    the paisley.


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If you use the carved soap for display only, you can
decorate the soap with beads using craft glue.


 Round Soap : 95g soap
 White soap : 80g soap


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