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How to carve an elegant moth orchid(butterfly orchid)
  out of soap.
These orchid soaps are perfect for your bathroom
   decoration and daily use!
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 What you will need
   :Rectangular soap is recommended,
      :Use any color of soap you like 
  This white 3 pack soap is a normal store-bought
  soap in Japan, called "Shokubutsu Umare no Yasasii
  Sekken (Mild soap made from plants)"
  Floral scented.    weight: 3oz/80g bar,
  size : 7.6cm(3-1/8") x 5.5cm(2-1/4") x 2.5cm(1")

 Carving knife
 Paring knife

 Food coloring
 Paint brush

Aluminum wire/1.2mm in diameter, about 22cm(9")
Pliers, Wire cutter
Craft Glue
Glass Marbles(decorative stones)
Glass Vase
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 Instruction Video

  How to carve the orchid flower.

1. Slowly cut the soap in half with a paring knfie.

2.Draw two virtical lines with a toothpick as shown
  in the left photo.
  Then draw two lines in the side as shown in the right

3. Cut the soap along the lines.

4.Then cut off the top half of the middle.
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5. Draw a small U shape with a toothpick as shown
   in the left photo.
  Then holding the carvig knife at a right angle,
  cut the U shape.

6. Cut and remove the soap around the U shape.
   Then cut off the front as shown in the right photo.

7. Trim and shape the U shaped part to create
   the column as shown in the right photo.

8.Widen the front by cutting off the soap.
  (in the right photo)  
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9.Draw two lips as shown.

10.Cut the lips.

11.Then cut off the soap around the lips.
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12. (Optional step) Carve two small protrusions.

13. Slice off the soap under the two lips to create
     the middle lip.

14. Draw the middle lip,then cut the middle lip.

15. Cut off and remove the soap under the middle lip.
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16.Slice off the tip of the middle lip.
    The center of the orchid is done.

17.Draw two round petals and three pointed sepals.  
    Then cut off the excess soap around the flower.

18.Carve the two lower pointed sepals.

19.Carve the soap between the round petals.  
    Then slice off the top of the round petals.  

20.Draw the shapes of three sepals in the bottom of
    the flower.(in the right photo)

21.Carve the sepals and trim the edges of the flower.

22.Make a small hole in the bottom of the flower with
    a pointed tool.
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23.(Optional step)
   Color the center of the lip with food coloring and water.
How to arrange the orchid flowers
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