How to carve a graceful mandala pettern in a soap.
This mandala design soap can be carved with only a
   carving knife.

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  What You Will Need
    :Any soap is ok.
        (round, rectangle or oval etc.)
 This purple soap is a master-brand soap.
     Japanese brand.
        Diameter : 7cm(2-3/4 in)
        Thickness : 3.3 cm(1-1/4 in) ,weight : 95g
 Carving knife
 Beads (optional. I used 2.5mm pearl beads)

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 How to carve a Mandala Pattern.

1.Carve a small circle indent in the center of the soap.
  Draw a circle 2.4cm(1") in diameter in the center,
  then divide the circle into 8 equal parts.(mark 8 points)

2.Cut a half circle in each part of the circle.
  Then,remove the soap around the half circles.

3. Cut 8 straight lines in the center to create 8 drop
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4.Trim the straight edges of the drop shape, then carve
   a small hole in the bottom right of the drop shape.
   And cut a curved line on the top of the small hole,then
   remove the soap along the curved cut.

5.Make a small spiral cut at the end of the curved cut
  as show. Repeat these steps seven times.

6. Thinly cut off the soap around the center part,then
   carve a wavy pattern around the center part.
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7.Divide the soap around the center part into 8 equal parts.  
  Carve a small heart shapes in each part.
  And carve a curved line in each part between the heart

8.Carve a parallel curved line in each part.
  And carve a curved line around the each heart.

9.Carve parallel curved lines,then carve wavy curved lines.

10.Carve eight pointed petal shapes around the wavy
    lines. Then carve three  small curved lines between
    the pointed petal shapes.(repeat 7 times)
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11.Carve three pointed oval shapes as shown (repeat
     7 times)
    Then carve a pointed petal shape (repeat 7 times)

12.Carve a wavy line around the pointed petal.
     Then carve a large pointed petal.(repeat 7 times)

13.Carve a long pointed petal shape,then carve two
     small pointed petal shape.

    Optional: Add some beads to decorate the soap
     with glue.

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   Mandala pattern in a oval soap.

                        About this soap

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