Lily Of The Valley Wall Hanging 


How to carve a cute lily of the valley in a soap.
Openwork soap carving.
This soap can be used as a wall hanging decoration,
 and it will make a great gift !
Of course you can use them as soap,too.
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 What you will need
 :white soap or white and other color soap
Carving knife or precision knife
Paring knife
Binder clip

Wire (about 0.36mm / No 27)
Wire cutter


Food coloring with water, paintbrush


This white soap is called "Cow brand soap standard".
   Floral scented.    weight: 85g bar
   Dimensions :
  8(3-1/8") x 5.3 (2-1/8")  x 2.4 (1") cm


This pink soap is a lux soap.
    Rose scented.  76g bar
    Dimensions 8(3-1/8") x 5 (2")  x 2.4 (1") cm
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Instruction Video


1. Thinly cut off the top of the soap with a paring knife
  to create a flat surface.
  Draw outlines of two leaves with a toothpick.

2. Mark a horizontal line around the soap.
   Holding a carving knife(or precision knife) at a right
   angle,deeply cut the two leaves.
   Then cut the bottom left and right corners off as below.

3. Cut the soap into blocks for making some flowers.
   Or use different soap to cut out soap blocks.

4. Flatten the soap with a knife.                          
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5. Flip the soap over to the bottom,cut a line along the
   edge of the soap.Thinly cut off the soap inside the line
   with a knife,then scoop out and flatten the soap with
   a binder clip.

6.  Cut out the soap to create a frame.
7. Trim and shape the leaves.
   Make a dent in the left leaf with a binder clip.
   Cut some lines in the right leaf with a knife point.

8. Carve the back of the leaves.

   Thinly cut off the top of the frame to flatten the surface.
   Then carve a stripe pattern in the frame.  
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9. Carve flowers of the lily of the valley.
   Trim the soap into a small bowl shape.
   Trim the side of the soap.  

10.  Divide the top of the soap into 6 equal parts by marking
      6 lines,and cut each part into a pointed petal.
      Carve a hole in the center of the flower.
      Cut small notches between the petals.
      Repeat this process for making some flowers.
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11. Bend the tip of the wire.
     Poke the wire into the soap flower,and lightly pull
     the wire.  


12.  Curve the wire stems.
      Twist wire stems together.
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13.  Cut off excess wire.
     Make a small hole in the leaves,attach the stem to
     the leaves.

14.  Paint the leaves with food coloring with water. Done.
 Tie a bow around the stems and add the hanging ribbon.
Optional: Decorate your soap with glitter.
Apply a little water to the soap,then sprinkle the glitter.        



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