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17.Mark 1/3 of the length of the height. 
   Then trim the lower 1/3 part of the face.


18.Trim and shape the rear of the body.

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19. Trim the soap around the eyes.

20.Trim between the mouth and the eyes as below.


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21.Trim and shape the eyes into round shapes.
Then,draw a diagonal line in the top of each eyes
as below.

22. Extend the diagonal line to create a circle for the eye.
     (Do the same to the other side)

23.Carve the circle along the outlines.

Then carve the mouth.

Make two small holes for nostrils with a toothpick.
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Optional Step: Draw small black circles in the eys.
Wet the paint brush with water,apply the black eyeshadow
to frog's eyes.
Or use the liquid eyeliner instead of the eyeshadow
and water.

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    I made three kinds of frog's face.

Slightly smiling face frog(left),
   Sleepy face frog (middle)
   Smiling face frog (right)  

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