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How to carve a super cute frog out of a bar soap.
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  What You Will Need
    :I used a 3oz/80g bar soap.
       about 3cm(1-1/2") in thickness.
     :Use any color of soap you like.
 This green tea soap is a normal store-bought soap
   in Japan.   About 7cm(2-3/4") in diameter,
   3cm (1-1/4") in thickness.
 Carving knife
 Paring knife
  Frog Template
 (Download the free template here)
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 Instruction Video

 How to carve a frog

1.Cut out the three frog templates as below.

2.Thinly slice off the top of your soap to create
  surface with a carving knife.
Then,trace the frog's body and eyes onto the soap
with a toothpick.

3.Holding your carving knife at a right angle to the soap,
cut the soap a bit bigger than the frog's body outline.
(cut along the blue line)

4.Cut off the soap around the cut.

Remove the soap until the height of the soap is
about 1cm(3/8") .

5.Remove the soap around the frog's body (pink outline).
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6.Trace front legs and hind legs as below.


7.Holding your knife at a right angle to the soap,
remove the soap around the body and legs.

8.Thinly slice off the bottom of the soap to flatten. 

9.Mark the middle of the legs,place the template on the
 bottom of the soap. 

10.Trace the front legs and hind legs and the head
 onto the soap,then remove the unwated soap.
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11.Carve the frog's toe.

12.Carve the web.(do the same to the other side)
Then trim between the hind legs as needed.

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13.Shape the side of the soap into a drop shape as below.

Do the same to the other side.  

14.Carve the hind legs and webs in the bottom.  

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15.Carve the front legs and webs.

16.Cut three lines in the bottom of the front webs and
four lines in the bottom of the hind webs.
And cut two lines in the top of the hind webs.

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