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 Framed Roses In LUX soap

 The process of how to carve the framed roses in LUX
  soap is the same. See page 1 for details.
How to carve the Framed Roses ( Page 1 of 2)

1.Draw a circle in the center of the soap.
   The diameter is half of the length of the soap.
   Then divide the circle into a five equal parts, and draw
   five petal shapes in each part .

2.Carve two layers of petals around the center circle.  

3. Carve the center bud.
   Draw a small circle and two leaf shapes on each side.

4.Carve two small roses and four leaves.

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5.Flatten the bottom of the soap with the carving knife.

6. Remove the soap inside the bottom.

7.Cut out the soap between the flowers/leaves and the

How to carve the Framed Roses
 (Page 1 of 2)

     White soap. Normal store-bought 3 pack soap in Japan.

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