How to carve a flying bat out of soap.
Cute halloween soap craft !
You can make glow in the dark soap bats, too.
They can be used as hanging bat decorations!


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 What You Will Need
Carving knife or exacto knife
Paring knife
(Download the free template here)

This bar soap is a store-bought soap in Japan.
Dimensions : 8 cm(3-1/4") x 5 cm(2") x 2.5cm(1")
You can use any commercial bar soaps,
but choose soft bar soaps.
 How to choose a suitable soap


Glow in the dark pigment powder
Clear Nail polish
Plastic sheet

 Instruction Video

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How to carve

1.Thinly cut off the top and the bottom of the soap
 to create flat surfaces.
 Cut out the bat template,then trace the bat shape
 onto your soap with a toothpick.

2.Lightly cut along the outline of the bat with a craft knife.

3.Roughly cut the bat shape out of the soap with a
 paring knife.

4.Cut off the unwanted soap with a craft knife.  

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5.Cut off the soap between the face and the body.
 And cut off the top of the bat wing.


6.Do the same to the other wing.

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7. Cut off the front of the ears.

8.Carve a small cylinder shape for the nose.

9.Trim around the nose and the edge of the face.

10.Trim the edge of the nose.

11.Trim the backs of the ears,and carve the insides of
 the ears.

12.Make two holes in the nose with a toothpick.

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13.Trim the edges of the body.

14.Cut off the front of the bottom.

15.Then trim the bottom of the front body.
And carve a tail in the bottom of the back.



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 16.Cut off the soap between the legs,and trim around
 the legs.

 17.Carve the back of the bat.


18.Make the bat wing thin.
Cut off unwanted soap.

19.Do the same to the ohter wing.

20.Carve the fingers and the arm.
And carve a small hole and a slit to create the thumb.
Do the same to the other wing.


21.Place the gem stickers for eyes.(or use craft glue)    

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(Optional step)
22.How to make a glow in the dark bat.
Mix the glow in the dark pigment and the transparent
nail polish.

23.Apply the nail polish to the bat.

24.Let the nail polish dry. Done.

<How to hang the soap bat>
You can hang the bat with sewing thread, clear fishing line,
thin wire,etc.


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I think a white bat is very cute,too.

This black bat is carved out of charcoal soap.


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