EMOJI SOAP  STEP 7 How To Color  

<Video tutorial> if you have time,watch this video!

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How to color the Emoji soaps

<What You Will Need>
*Food coloring or soap colorant
*Paint brush , Water

Use food coloring or soap colorant to color the soaps.
You can actually use them as soap.

First,color the white face yellow .

Next,color the heart-eyes and tonge red(or dark pink)
And color the teardrops and screaming face's head
light blue.
Color the cheeks light red.
Dilute the food coloring with water as needed.

Color the eyes,eyebrows,mouths brown.
Ans color the sunglasses black.

Cut the unwanted food coloring.

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20 Emojis are done

These Emoji soaps make great gifts.
I show you how to easily wrap them using wax paper
in the video above.

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