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Simple  Elephant( Page 1 of 2)

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15.Draw a rectangle for a saddle cloth on the body.
    Then cut the rectangle and remove the soap around it.

16.Cut a smaller rectangle inside the saddle cloth.
   Refer to the template as needed.


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17. Carve a small circle indent in the middle.
      Divide the soap around the indent into six equal parts.
     (mark six lines as shown)
     Then cut a pointed petal in each part,and remove the
      soap around the petals.

18. Carve six pointed petals of the second layer.
     Each petal is placed between the petals of the
     first layer.
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19.Cut a short lines in each petal with the knife tip.

20. Carve a pointed scallop line in the side of the
     saddle cloth.

22.Carve a parallel pointed scallope line.
    Remove the soap inside of the smaller rectangle.

23.Carve three small holes in the pointed scallop line.
    (Do the same to the other side)

24. Carve a wavy trim at the end of the saddle cloth.
     Make small holes around the saddle cloth with a pin
      (Do the same to the other side)
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25.Carve a head covering.Trace the shape of the head
     covering onto the elephant's head.

26.Cut a parallel line inside the head covering.
    Carve a small circle indent in the center,then divide
    the soap around the indent into four equal parts.
    :mark four points as shown.

27. Carve four pointed petals,then carve four pointed petals
     of the second layer .

28.Cut a short line in each petal.

29.Carve a wavy trim around the head covering.  

30. Make small holes around the head covering with a pin.

31. Carve four anklet.Finished!

Simple Elephant ( Page 1 of 2)

                                                         Cow brand soap.made in Japan.
                             135g(5oz) soap.

                                           3 pack Yuzu soap.citrus scented.
                         made in Japan.80g bar soaps.

These elephant soaps are perfect room decorations!

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