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How to carve a cute and stunning elephant out of a bar
STEP 1 : Simple Elephant (Easy)

STEP 2 : Decorative Elephant (Intermediate)
    Decorative Elephant( Page 2 of 2) 

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  What You Will Need
   :Use any color of soap you like.
 This light brown 3 pack soap is a normal
      store-bought soap in Japan,and it is called
      "kome-nuka(rice bran)  soap".
       5oz/135g bar soap.
       About 9cm(3-5/8") x 6cm (2-1/2").
       3cm(1-1/4") in thickness.

 Carving knife
 Paring knife
  Elephant Template
 (Download the free template here)
  5mm Plastic eyes
 Rhinestones and beads
 Craft glue
    ( I use the glue for wood, fabric, paper etc.)
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 Instruction Video

  : How to carve the Simple Elephant

1.Cut out the Elephant templates as below.
  Slice off the top of your soap to create a flat surface.
  Then trace the elephant's body shape onto your soap
   with the toothpick.

2.Cut off excess soap around the body with a paring knife
  and a carving knife.
  Do the same to the other side.

3.Trim the face and the trunk as below.

4.(Using the template) trace or the tusk with a toothpick,
   and carve the tusk.
   Then trim around the tusk as shown.

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5.Carve the trunk.


6.Draw two line between the front legs and the hind legs.
  Then remove the soap between the twe lines.


7. Cut off the soap between the right front leg and
   the left front leg,then trim the edges of the front legs.
   Do the same to the hind legs.

8.Draw a tail as below,then cut off the soap around the
  tail,then trim the edge of it.
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9. Trim the edge of the body and head.
    Cut the ear and remove the soap around the cut.

10. Cut between the ear and the body,then lift the ear
      up a bit. (Be carful not to damage the ear)
11.Trim around the ear. Do the same to the other ear. 
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12. Trim and shape the face as needed.
     Make a small hole,and place a plastic eye into the hole.

13. Carve a mouth.

14. Cut between the tail and the body.

       Your simple elephant is done.
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 This light blue oval soap is commercial soap in Japan.
     Master-soap brand. Floral scented.
    10cm(4 in) x 5.8cm(2-1/4 in) x 3.3 cm(1-1/4 in)
    weight : 130g

This pink soap is a store-bought soap in Japan
  called "Ichigo Milk Flavor"
   Milk and strawberry scented.    
   7cm(2-3/4") in diameter ,  weight: 3oz/80g bar


Decorative Elephant ( Page 2 of 2)


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