How to carve a cute cow out of soap.
Easy - Medium
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  What You Will Need
   :Large soap (about 130g/5 oz) is recommended.
  This white soap is a normal store-bought  soap in
  Japan.Cow brand soap.
  Floral scented.    weight: 5 oz/125g bar,
  size : 8.7 cm(3-1/2") x 5.8cm(2-3/8") x 3cm(1-1/4")


 This light brown 3 pack soap is a normal
      store-bought soap in Japan,and it is called
      "kome-nuka(rice bran)  soap".  5oz/135g bar soap.
      About 9cm(3-5/8") x 6cm (2-1/2").
      3cm(1-1/4") in thickness.
 Carving knife
 Paring knife

 4mm  plastic plushie eyes
  Soap colorant (or food coloring),water, paint brush
 Cow Template
 (Download the free template here)

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 Instruction Video

How to carve A Cow

1.First, cut out the template.
 Thinly cut off the top and bottom of the soap to create
 a flat surface.
 Trace the cow shape onto the soap with a toothpick.

2.Lightly cut the outline with a craft knife(or carving knife)
 Then roughly cut out the cow shape with a paring knife.
 Repeat on the reverse side.

3. Cut out the cow shape along the outline with a craft knife.

   Holding your knife at a right angle, cut the horn and
   the ear shown in the pink outlines.
   Then slanting your knife,cut the soap around the ear
   and the horn.
   Trim the edge of the horn.

4. Repeat on the reverse side.    

5. Cut out the soap between the horns.
   Then trim and shape the horns.

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6. Trim and shape the muzzle.

7. Trim the edges of the back.

8. (Carve the tail)
   Cut the tail's shape shown in the pink outline,then cut off
   the soap around the tail, and trim the edge of the tail.

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9. (Carve the legs.)
   Cut off the soap between fore legs and hind legs little
   by little. Then cut off the soap between right legs and
   left legs. Trim the edges of the legs.

10. (Carve the neck)
     Thinly cut off the soap shown in pink lines.
      Repeat on other side.

11.Carve the nose.

12. Using the toothpick,make a small hole to the face,
    then attach the plastic eyes.
    Cut the mouth shown in the pink outline.

13. Instead of using plastic eyes, you can carve the eyes.

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14. Optional : Paint the cow soap with food coloring
   or soap colorant.
   I painted black cow spots.
 Note: Dark black colorant may not dry completely.


 Leftover soap scraps can be used as soap,too.

   2021 is a year of the Ox/Cow in the Japanese zodiac.
 I made these cow soaps as new year decorations.
 Of course, they can be used as soap.
 (remove the plastic eyes)
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