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14.Trace the cat's eyes.

15.Cut the eye shapes and remove the soap around them.
        Trim the edge of the eyes.
   Carve two lines to create the cat's pupil in each eyes.

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16. Carve the mouth.

17. Drow the cat's tail on the bottom of the soap as below.  
     Cut the tail shape,and remove the soap around it.

18.Trim the edge of the tail.
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19.Carve the sides of the hind paws as below.    

20.Trim the edge of the back of the cat, and shape
    the back.

21.(Optional step: Carve the paw pads)    
   Draw the paw pad's shape as below.
   Cut the paw pads shape and remove the soap around it.

22.Carve a short lines between the pads.
     Do the same to the other paw pads.
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   I made a cat sticking out its tongue in a white soap.

    Paint the cat with food coloring(or soap colorant )
    and water.


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I made a tabby cat,a tuxedo cat,and a black cat (with a
heart sticker),too.

       Black soap(charcoal soap) and white soap

These cat soaps make great gifts.
Paper treat cups make adorable soap packages.
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