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How to carve a super cute cat out of a bar soap.
"Cat lying on back" design!

STEP 1: Carve the cat    STEP 2 : Paint the cat
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  What You Will Need
   :Use any color of soap you like.
  This yellow 3 pack soap is a normal store-bought
  soap in Japan, called "Shokubutsu Umare no Yasasii
  Sekken (Mild soap made from plants)"
  Yuzu citrus scented.    weight: 3oz/80g bar,
  size : 7.6cm(3-1/8") x 5.5cm(2-1/4") x 2.5cm(1")

 Carving knife
 Paring knife
  Cat Template
 (Download the free template here)
 Food coloring(or soap colorant)
      Yellow,Pink ,Black
 Paint brush
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 Instruction Video

  : How to carve the Cat

1.Cut out the cat template.
  Then trace the cat's body,head and muzzle shapes
   onto your soap with a toothpick.

2. Lightly cut the cat's shape with the carving knife,then
   roughly cut out the cat's shape with the paring knife.
   And remove the excess soap around the cat's shape
   with the carving knife.

3. Cut the lower part of the cat's face,and cut off the top
   of the body to flatten.

4. Cut the muzzle and remove the soap around the muzzle,
 and cut off the top of the cat's face to flatten.
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5. Trace the hind paws onto the soap.

6. Cut the hind paws and remove the soap around them,
    and trim the edges of the paws.

7. Draw the paws. Cut the paws and remove the soap
  around them. Trim and shape the paws.

8. Trim and shape the cat's belly.

9. Cut the lower part of the body.
   Remove the excess soap and trim the edge.
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10. Cut the cat's nose and remove the soap around it,
      then trim the edge of the muzzle.

11. Trim the edge of the head and ears.

12. Shape the ears.

13.Carve a triangular indent in each ears.

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