Cake Slices 

This is a project that I made for my book
   "Ultimate Soap Carving"
This cake slices can be made with white soap bars and
   small pieces of colored soap.    



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 What you will need
  This white soap is a normal store-bought soap
  in Japan, called "Mutenka Sekken (Pure soap)"
  Fragrance free.    weight: 100g
 Carving knife
 Paring knife
 Food coloring
 Paint brush
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  How to carve the cake slice.

1. Slowly cut the soap into triangle slices.

 I used three bars of soap to make six cake slices.  



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2. Trim and shape some pieces of soap into small ball

3. Trim and shape some pieces of soap into small cookie
   shapes,and trim some green pieces of soap into small
   leaf shapes
   ( I forgot to take a picture of the leaf soaps)

4. Paint the small round soaps with a red food coloring,
   and add a small piece of wire to each soap.

5. Paint the cake slices with food coloring.

6. Add the cherry soap,the cookie soap and the leaf
   soap to each cake slice with cream soap.
   (cream soap: face wash,etc)  


 More details are in this book!

Soap Carving Book<Available at Amazon>



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