Heart Bear 

How to carve a super cute bear with a heart out of soap.

This red heart is colored with food coloring,so this bear

  soap can be used as soap for washing or bathing.

 Bear soaps make great gifts and they are perfect for

   room decoration.

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 What You Will Need
   :Use any color of soap you like.

 This light brown 3 pack soap is a normal
      store-bought soap in Japan,and it is called
      "kome-nuka(rice bran)  soap".
       5oz/135g bar soap.
       About 9cm(3-5/8") x 6cm (2-1/2").
       3cm(1-1/4") in thickness.

Carving knife
Paring knife

Plastic eyes(3mm or 4mm)

30cm(12") piece of ribbon

Food coloring ,water
Paint brush
Heart Bear Template
 (Download the free template here)

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 Instruction Video



       White soap : Cow brand soap. made in Japan.
                            135g(5oz) bar soap.

・if you make a heart with different soap, flatten the soap

 where you will put the heart soap using a sculpting tool.  

     Instruction Video


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