About "Ultimate Soap Carving"

Soap Carving techniques and 40 cute tutorialsforeveryexperience level. 128 pages.

These hand carved soaps actually can be used assoapforbathing and also can be used as decoration for yourhome or as gifts for your friends and family!

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   Soap Carving



  [A Brief History Of Soap Carving]
  [Using Carved Soap]
  [Benefits Of Soap Carving]
  [Advantages Of Carving Soap Versus Molding Soap]

CHAPTER 1 - Materials & Tools
  [Soap for Carving]
    *Tools for carving soap
      * Additional Carving Tools
      * Other supplies

CHAPTER 2 -  Essential Techniques
 [Getting Started]             
       *Preparing to Carve
       *Softening Soap
       *Holding a Carving Knife Correctly
       *Working with the Templates
       *Shaping Soap for Carving
 [Carving Lessons]
    *Lesson 1 V-Shaped Grooves and Incisions
     ~Rose leaf, Shamrock, Ivy, Maple leaf~

    *Lesson 2 Triangular Patterns
      ~Simple Bird~

    *Lesson 3 Circular Scalloped Patterns
      ~Scalloped Butterfly

    *Lesson 4  Delicate Waves
      ~Purse ~

    *Lesson 5  Complex Flower Designs
      ~Dahlia ~

    *Lesson 6  Complex Floral Designs
      ~Rose Relief ~

    *Lesson 7  Complex Floral Designs
      ~Rose Starting with the Outer Petals~

    *Lesson 8  Complex Floral Designs
      ~Rose Starting at the Center ~

 [Adding Color]

  [Decorating with Beads]

  [Recycling Soap Scraps]
     *Ceam Soap
     *Recycling Soap Scraps
     *Soap Ball

  [Gift-Giving Ideas]

CHAPTER 3 - Carving Projects

   *Project 1   Mini Cactus
   *Project 2   Lily of the Valley
   *Project 3   Dachshund
   *Project 4   Cat
   *Project 5   Squirrel
   *Project 6   Sheep
   *Project 7   Sea Turtle
   *Project 8   Little Insects -Ladybug,Bee & Snail
   *Project 9   Miniature Cake Slice and Doughnuts
   *Project 10 Miniature Cream puff Swan

    *Project 11  Scalloped Frame
    *Project 12 High-Top Sneakers
    *Project 13 Party Dress
    *Project 14 Umbrella
    *Project 15 Tea cup & Saucer
    *Project 16 Bouquet of Miniature Lilies
    *Project 17 Starry Cutwork Soap
    *Project 18 Heart lamp
    *Project 19 Orchid
    *Project 20 Carnation Arrangement

    *Project 21 Unicorn
    *Project 22 Lock and Key
    *Project 23 Heart Crock
    *Project 24 Gardenia with Curled Petals
    *Project 25 Mermaid


About The Author

Makiko Sone, better known to her
followers as Mizutama Soap,
demonstrates cute, fantastic, and
easy to make soap carving projects
on her YouTube channel, mizutama.

and sells supplies on her Etsy shop, MizutamaStudio.
Her most popular video has received over one million
views. She lives in Japan outside of Tokyo.