Succulents Part 2
          Sedum and Hoya Hearts 


How to carve a sedum succulent and hoya heart plants
 out of soap.
It's super easy to make succulent arrangements,too.
Soap succulents make great gifts for any occasion.
These soaps actually can be used as soap.

 Succulents Part 1 Echeveria

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 What you will need
Carving knife or exacto knife
Paring knife
  Yellow oval soap is store-bought soap called
    "lemon soap."
   Dimensions : 7cm(2-3/4") x 3.8cm(1-1/2") x 2.5 cm(1")

   Green recrangular soap is Marseille style store-bought
    Dimensions : 8 cm(3-1/4") x 5 cm(2") x 2.5cm(1")
Food coloring with water  
Paint brush
Small bowl
Clay pebbles
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Instruction Video

STEP 2 Sedum succulent
    (watch the video from 5:20 )

1. Cut the soap into 4 cm(1-5/8") square.


2.Draw a 1 cm(3/8") circle outline in the center with
  a pointed tool,then holding the knife at an angle,cut off
  the soap around the circle to create a cylinder shap.  

3. Divide the top of the cylinder into 3 parts by short lines,
   then carve the cylinder into 3 long round leaves.

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4. Draw a large circle on the top,deeply cut the circle.

5. Cut off the soap around the circle, divide the edge of
   the circle into 6 parts by drawing 6 short lines.
6. Shape each part into a long round leaf.

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7. Cut off the unwanted soap around the leaves,and trim
   the corner of the soap.


8.   Divide the edge of the soap into 6,then shape each
     part into a long round leaf.


9.  Carve the bottom of the sedum. Done!
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STEP 3 Hoya heart plants
    (watch the video from 8:20 )

1. Cut the soap into a thin rectangle.
    Then carve the rectangular soap into a heart shape.
         Repeat the steps as many times as needed.
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STEP 4 Succulent Arrangements
       (watch the video from 8:45 )

      Place your clay pebbles into a small bowl.
      Put the hoya hearts in the clay pebbles.
                 Put the succulent on the clay pebbles.


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 Optional : Color your soap succulents with food coloring
 (and water.)
Succulents Part 1 Echeveria


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