Dandelions In An Eggshell  

 Dandelion flowers,Fluff and leaves in an eggshell.
  They are carved out of soap.
 Dandelion flower can be easily carved out with a
   U gouge.
 Dandelion fluff is carved out of transparent soap.
 Bunny soap I made before is also easy!
   How to carve a bunny soap

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  What you will need
 Soap (Round or rectangular , both are fine)
   Yellow, Green, Transparent(or white)
 Carving knife
 Paring knife
 Carving U gouge


      Cotton swabs(thin type) or wire.
  Green marker pen
  Craft glue
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 <Video Tutorial>


1.Empty the raw egg from the shell.
  Expand the hole of the eggshell.

2.Cut the yellow soap into round slices.
 1.5cm(5/8") thick, 3.5cm(1-1/2") in diameter.
Trim one side(bottom) of the round slice to create
the bottom of the flower.

3. Mark the center with a pointed tool.
 Then rotating the round soap,carve an inverted cone
 shaped hole.

4.Carve some petals of the first layer in the inverted
   cone shaped hole.
  Move the U gouge to the center to make a petal.

5. Then smooth the soap around the petals with a
   carving knife.

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6. Carve some petals of the second layer with the
U gouge in the same way.

7.Then smooth the soap around the second layer with
  the carving knife the same way .

8. Repeat step 6 and 7,Carve the third and fourth layer
 as the picture below .
   (Make your desired number of the petals.)

9. Slice off the soap around the edge of the soap,so that
    the petals of the fifth layer will curve downward.         


10.  Remove the excess soap at the bottom .
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11.Trim the excess soap around the edge leaving the
   same gap from the fourth layer.

12. Cut around the edge to create the petals of the
     fifth layer.
     (Make your desired number of the petals.)

13.  Make a hole with an awl to attach the stem.

14. Dandelion flower is done.

15. Next,Cut the green soap into a small piece,then
make sure it fits  in your eggshell.

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16. Cut the rest of the green soap into 6 mm(1/4") thick
    Trim the soap slice into a dandelion leaf shape,and
     slice off the tip of the leaf,and carve a midrib.
     Make three leaves.

17. Make a dandelion puff ball.
     Cut the transparent or white soap into a ball shape.
     The size depends on your soap, about 3cm(1-1/4")

18.Prick the soap all around with an awl.
    And make a hole to attach a stem.

19.Color six cotton swabs with a green marker.

20.Cut the cotton swabs and slightly curve them.
    And attach them to the flowers,a puff ball and leaves
    with glue.
   Note: If the leaves break,use pieces of wire instead
             of the cotton swabs.

21.Push the stems into the piece of the green soap.
    Your dandelion eggshell pot is done!

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    Eggshell is very fragile.You can reinforce inside
    the eggshell with some tape or varnish.

    I love eggshell planters. so cute and natural.

      Easter decoration idea .
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